Interlocking Patios Interlock Stonework is a way you can improve the exterior of your home to increase both its curb appeal & market value. Interlocking stone come in many sizes & shapes that allow endless design installation possibilities within a landscape plan. Interlocking pavers come in an array of colors and textures to match your home & complement landscape elements. There are many interlocking paver layout patterns to chose from. Personalize any interlocking design layout by introducing accent pavers for boarders, inset boarders and banding.

With todays new advanced manufacturing techniques some interlocking pavers incorporate a safe non-slip surface, are resistant to deicing salt, easy to clear snow from surface and withstand severe freeze and thaw cycles. Interlocking stone pavers are an excellent choice of product to use given our cold winter climate. If pavers do shift, resetting them is an easy fix.

We offer four main interlocking services :

  • Patio Interlocking : An increasing number of homeowners are opting for interlocking brick and stone patios over decks because of their durability. They look great and can be customized in many ways.
  • Backyard Interlocking : Want a custom walkway in your backyard? How about an interlocking area for an outdoor fireplace? Your backyard interlocking options are endless.
  • Walkway Interlocking : Spice up the look of your walkway or front entryway by choosing interlocking brick. Designs can be created to meet your property landscape.
  • Driveway interlocking : Interlocking driveways continue to be a popular option because they look great, are unique, and are an attractive home feature that will add to the value of your home.

Commitment to Service

CJH Paving and Concrete is committed to providing excellent interlocking solutions. We design, build and supervise projects from conception to completion. We ensure that projects are completed in a timely and efficient manner.

If you are interested in custom interlocking repair, replacement, or installation contact us to get a free estimate.