How To Know Should I Replace or Repair My Garage Floor?

How To Know Should I Replace or Repair My Garage Floor?In homes, a garage is viewed as a separate space used for parking the vehicles and storing unnecessary household items. Although, garage has low rank in maintenance list but it is a big concern when gets damaged. When someone is going through such condition, it’s difficult to examine whether to repair or replace the floors. For most of us, replacing is an expensive job to do but in some conditions, it is proven to be smarter instead of repairing.

Below are the few garage floor problems which tell either you prefer to repair or replacement:


  1. Minor Surface Cracks: If you notice minor cracks, then going with the repair is a fair option rather than whole floor replacement. One can also perform DIY method by sealing those minor cracks or buy a resurfacing material from near home improvement store.
  2. Big & Significant Cracks: Major and significant garage floor cracks can’t be settled with any concrete filler. The only solution is to replace the overall flooring rather than making an investment in repairing again and again.
  3. They are durable: Asphalt is a weather resistant material that tends to stay in order and shape for even years. A pavement constructed using high quality asphalt material can ideally handle both low and high traffic conditions continuously for years. These highly durable paves can withstand the harshest of weathers and the heaviest of vehicles without any risks of cracks or potholes.
  4. Settling

  5. Minimum Settling: When there is less settling on the garage floor, one can repair it by applying self-level concrete in those low areas.
  6. Significant Settling: In such condition, replacement might be right opinion and one has to hire a professional contractor for a successful job done.
  7. Poor Flooring Installation

  8. A poor floor installation might be another reason you need to repair or replace your existing garage floors. If you found major damages with incorrect installation, then it’s better to replace them on time with the help of flooring contractor.

Moreover, if your garage floors are getting old and are at major repair stage, then you must go with the replacement immediately. For quality floor repair or replacement, you can hire our skilled flooring contractors at CJH Paving and Concrete.