Manhole Repair Got a catch basin or manhole problem?
Do you need some help? Don’t know what to do?
Maybe you just got a small manhole on the side, and want to know if it will get worse.
Is your catch basin sitting to high, or too low?
We specialize in all types of catch basins and manhole installation and repairs. Our services are available all year around.

Steps and Procedures

Step 1. We saw cut around the catch basin and dispose the asphalt off site. We then excavate down words and expose the foundation and drain system to insure there are no leaks running through it.

Step 2. Then we will inspect all the catch basin risers to see if any are cracked or have come apart. This mainly happens from the freeze and thaw cycles. Also in some cases they sift and collapse from lack of water draining ( Standing water). If any catch basin risers are needed, we will supply and install, replace any broken catch basin rings and adjust to proper levels to insure a proper drain flow.

Step 3. Once the catch basin is adjusted to proper elevations, we then backfill excavated areas with new clean 3/4 crushed stone and compacted to 4″ below existing grade.

Step 4. Then we will pave area(s) with heavy duty specifications, 4″ of compacted asphalt with road grade asphalt. (2″ HL8 – 2″HL3) area(s) to be paved into stages.

Step 5. Once our repairs are completed, we then rout and seal the edges of asphalt repairs and apply a hot rubber Joint Seal as you would see on the city roads. This will add many years of a maintenance free catch basin.

CJH Paving and Concrete is equipped with a state-of-the-art machine for manhole and catch basin repair and maintenance projects. Our contractors are innovative, safety conscious and take great pride in quickly pushing your difficult project to completion. The faster our company completes your project, the faster you are on the road to success.

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